April 24, 1918 – First tank-to-tank combat

On this day in 1918 the Second Battle of Villers-Bretonneuz began near Amiens in northern France during World War One. This battle is notable because it is recorded as the first conflict in which a tank-versus-tank fight occurred during war. The fight occurred when a group of three German A7V tanks advanced on three British Mark IV tanks. Two of the British tanks were armed only with machine guns, while one had a 6 pound gun. The lead Mark IV fired on the lead German tank and hit it, disabling it. The British tank continued to fire on the remaining German tanks, which finally withdrew. The Brits continued to advance on the Germans with support of Whippet light tanks, but they were eventually disabled by German artillery fire. Eventually the British, with support of Australian and French troops, recaptured the town which was held by the Germans. The original front line was reestablished by April 27.  British Mark IV tankGerman A7V tank

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