December 16, 1949 – The first production Saab

Saab’s first production vehicle, the 92, first rolled out of the Trollhättan Assembly factory on this day in 1949. Saab, originally an airplane manufacturer, began an automotive branch in 1945. They created four prototype vehicles, called the Ursaab, or “original Saab,” which led to the production model. The 92 was extremely aerodynamic with a body stamped from a single piece of sheet metal, of which was then cut to accommodate doors and windows. The original Saabs featured a 764 cc two stroke water cooled engine that produced 25 horsepower. Because Saab had a surplus of green paint from wartime airplane production, all early Saab 92s were this color, which is close to British racing green. More than 20,000 92s were sold before the introduction of the Saab 93 in 1955. Pics:1950 Saab 92 by Greg Abbott cc 2.0 - of a Saab 92 by Rémi, cc 2.0 –

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