December 2, 2002 – Toyota delivers FCHV

Toyota delivered the first ever market ready fuel cell vehicles on this day in 2002. Of the six Toyota FCHVs (Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles) produced, four were leased to the Japanese government, and two went to researchers at the University of California, one to Irvine and and one to Davis. Toyota began efforts to create a fuel cell vehicle in 1992. These FCHVs produce only water vapor as an emission, as they are powered by generating electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen. That electricity then powers the vehicle’s motors and charges its batteries. All of Toyota’s research has been conducted in order to provide a market ready production car, which it is doing in 2017 by offering the Mirai, currently offered through dealerships in California. Pics:The Toyota Mirai – Courtesy Toyota.comOne of the original FCHV’s being delivered to the Cabinet Secretariat on this day in 2002 – Courtesy Toyota.

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