June 17, 1994 – OJ Simpson and the white Ford Bronco

It was this day in 1994 that a certain white 1993 Ford Bronco went stampeding, rather slowly, down Interstate 405 in Los Angeles carrying O.J. Simpson with Al Cowlings at the reigns. The infamous police chase was the result of a Simpson not turning himself to the LAPD as scheduled early that day. Simpson, wanted in connection with the June 13, 1994 murders of his wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, sent a note to his defense lawyers the day he was to turn himself in which was assumed to be a suicide note.  This resulted in an APB being put out in order to bring Simpson in. At about 6:20 a motorists called police saying he saw Simpson riding in the white Bronco in Orange County. A responding officer made contact with the Bronco but Cowlings told the officer to back off because Simpson was in the backseat with had a gun pointed at his own head. More than 20 police cars soon joined the slow speed chase down the highway, along with 9 helicopters. All three major television stations and CNN interrupted planned programming to broadcast the chase as well. There were so many signals in the air that footage from one station would broadcast on another station accidently. The chase ended around 8 p.m. at Simpson’s estate. Before surrendering he demanded that he be able to go inside to talk with his mother. The police allowed this to happen. Inside the Bronco police found a loaded .357 Magnum, a passport, $8,000 in cash and other various items that could potentially be used to make a get-a-way. After a high profile trial Simpson was found not guilty. However a civil case did show he was “responsible” for the murders which resulted in the murder victim’s families being awarded upwards of $30 million. 
It should be noted that there were two white Bronco’s involved in this case. Simpson had one that belonged to Hertz, of which he was a spokesperson for up until the chase. That Bronco was found at Simpson’s estate with blood from Brown and Goldman. It was used as evidence and later destroyed. Al Cowlings owned a separate white Bronco, the one in which the chase took place. Interestingly enough, that Bronco was parked uncovered from 1995 until 2012 in an LA parking garage without moving more than 20 miles since the chase and most people didn’t even know it was THAT Bronco. The Bronco has now been in and out of museums and is reported to have just over 35,000 miles on it. It is currently in possession of three investors who rent the Bronco out and are open to selling, when the price is right.

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