June 6, 1925 – Chrysler is formed

On this day in 1925 Chrysler was founded by Walter Chrysler when the Maxwell Motor Company was reorganized into the Chrysler Corporation. Chrysler was hired by Maxwell-Chalmers, an ailing automobile brand, in hopes of him being able to save the company, much the same as he had recently done for Willys-Overland. The first Chrysler automobile, the B-70, also known as the Chrysler Six, was launched in January 1924 under Maxwell and the six cylinder cars were a huge success. It was an advanced, highly engineered vehicle that featured many innovative features, including a carburetor air filter, full pressure lubrication and a replaceable oil filter. Throughout the first few years many more items became standard on the early Chryslers. One of the most important being the first practical, mass produced four wheel hydraulic brake system. After the initial success of the six cylinder Chrysler the Maxwell brand was dropped in 1925, thus forming the Chrysler Corporation. That same year a lower price four cylinder Chrysler was introduced, although it was simply a rebadged Maxwell. However, thanks to the great engineering feats on the early Chryslers, including the brakes, rubber engine mounts and edged wheel rims, the cars flew off dealership lots. By 1936 they held the title for second highest sales of a US car brand, a title it would last hold in 1949. Photos1924 Chrysler B-70Walter P. Chrysler

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