June 9, 1898 – The birth of racer Luigi Fagioli

The oldest driver to ever win a Formula One race was born on this day in 1898. Luigi Fagioli was born in Osimo, Italy where he developed a passion for the relatively new invention of the automobile. As a young boy he discovered he had a talent for driving and his early racing career included hill climbing and sports car racing. He began Grand Prix racing in 1926 and his successes led him to be invited to race the Grand Prix Circuit for  Maserati in 1930. His Grand Prix wins included The Italian Grand Prix in 1933 and 1934, Coppa Ciano in 1930, Monaco Grand Prix in 1935 and Coppa Acerbo in 1933 and 1934. Fagioli faced some serious health issues prior to WWII which forced him to stop racing. However with his health somewhat improved the 52-year-old was asked to join Alfa-Romeo’s 1950 Formula One team. He made six podium appearances that year and earned 3rd place in the first ever FIA World Championship.The following year Fagioli only entered one Grand Prix in Formula One, the French Grand Prix. This would not only be his last Grand Prix in his career, but he would also win it, earning him the distinction of being the oldest person to win a Grand Prix race in Formula One. The following year Fagioli died of injuries sustained while practicing for a touring car race that was to be held as part of the Monaco Grand Prix. PhotosFagioli at the 1928 Targa FlorioLuigi Fagioli in 1932Fagioli in 1951(in racecar)

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