March 27, 1863 – Henry Royce is born

For a boy whose professional career began as a newspaper salesman and telegram deliverer, starting one of the world’s most luxurious automotive brands was a stretch. But that is exactly what happened to Henry Royce, who was born on this day in 1863. He would go on to complete an apprenticeship with the Great Northern Railway company before starting an electrical and machine shop with a friend in Manchester in 1884. They began to manufacture cranes and dynamos but increasing competition led Royce to consider a motorcar as a new product for their company and he began to build prototypes, one of which was given to a friend of Charles Rolls, who owned a local import car dealership. The mutual friend set up a lunch between the two and a partnership was formed to build and sell high end vehicles. The first Rolls-Royce debuted in 1904 and featured a 10 horsepower engine. Henry Royce1907 Rolls Royce

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