March 4, 1932 – Birth of hot rod builder Ed Roth

Iconic American hot rod builder Ed “Big Daddy” Roth entered the world on this day in 1932 in Beverly Hills, California. Growing up Roth attended Bell High School where to took auto shop and art classes, setting the scene for a career filled with grotesque characterizations and one of a kind hot rods. He first made a name for himself in the hot rod world by selling airbrushed “Weirdo” t-shirts at car shows and out of Car Craft magazine in the late 1950s. The year after opening a hot rod shop in Maywood, California in 1959 he had one of his custom cars, The Outlaw, featured in Car Craft and Rod and Custom magazines. He began producing outlandish vehicles and found himself leading the Kustom Kulture movement of the late 1950s and 1960s, which included the introduction of Rat Fink in 1963. Some of his vehicles include the Beatnik Bandit (1961), Mysterion (1963), The Orbitron (1964) a 1920 Ford named Tweedy Pie, and in 1994, just five years before his death he created the Beatnik Bandit II. 1961 Beatnik Bandit by Sicnag CC2.0 Mysterion by Sicnag CC2.0

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