News: We’re doing a podcast for This Day in Automotive History!

Big things are cooking over here at the automotive history office, which is really the guest bedroom the apartment I share with my fiancee`, Marley, who is an amazing soprano by the way. When we first met she didn’t have much, if any, interest in cars nor their history. Well, as much as I now enjoy Chopin music, she has taken a shine to learning about automobiles. So much so in fact, that she’s willing to jump on the ol’ web cam and chat about the week that was in a new This Day In Automotive History podcast.

We’re about month or so away from launching, as we’ve got, like, other shit to do, but we’re pretty excited to bring this new platform to you. For the record, it will be first available to those who support us on Facebook! If you’re a fan of the daily articles, have no fear, they aren’t going anywhere! Check this out, we’re really doing it:

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