October 30, 1963 – The first Lamborghini

As the story goes Ferruccio Lamborghini had built a small fortune selling tractors and other types of appliances, allowing him access to some of the finer things in life, such as a new Ferrari. However, his Ferrari did not please him and after being unable to be heard by a Mr. Enzo Ferrari himself, Lamborghini decided he would build his own sports car. And so he did. This led to the official incorporation of Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini S.p.A. on this day in 1963, the same day that it debuted its first ever car at the Turin Motor Show, the 350 GTV. While Ferrari built racecars and adapted the drivetrain to road going bodies, Lamborghini wanted to build road going cars that could compete on the racetrack. Lamborghini had hired several ex-Ferrari engineers to build him an engine for his GT, but when they produced an engine similar to Ferrari’s method of production he was displeased and refused to pay. This is perhaps why the engine bay of the 350 GTV on display at Turin was filled with bricks, instead of an engine! The 350 GTV body was not as well received for its looks as hoped anyhow, and a redesign was necessitated. The redesigned body was shown at the 1964 Geneva Motor Show, featuring a 280 hp v12 engine designed by Giotto Bizzarrini. Positive press led to production beginning shortly thereafter, with the car named the 350GT. By the end of the year 13 car’s had been built, each sold at a loss in order to keep prices competitive with Ferrari. In total, over three model years, 120 350GTs were built. PicsThe original Franco Scaglione-designed body of the 350 GTV prototype – By Craig Howell from San Carlos, CA, USA – Lamborghini 350 GTVCarrozzeria Touring re-designed the body of the 350 GTV prototype for Lamborghini’s first production vehicle, the 350 GT. – By Luc106 – Own work, Public Domain

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