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Dusty & Rusty

October 3, 1912 – First win for Duesenberg
Dusty & Rusty, This Day

October 3, 1912 – First win for Duesenberg

Generally speaking, drinking alcohol and driving don’t go together, unless you’re an observer of a race. Hopefully spectators were the only ones with a beer in hand on this day in 1912 when the Pabst Blue Ribbon Trophy race was held in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, a short drive from Milwaukee, where PBR was established. It was at this race that a vehicle equipped with a Duesenberg engine won a professional race for the first time. While it’s only speculation, it’s said the Duesenberg brothers, Frederick and August, celebrated by shotgunning tall cans of PBR. Starting grid for 1912 American Grand Prize race, held in Milwaukee After immigrating from Germany to Iowa in the late 19th century the Duesenberg brothers became enthralled with motor car racing. They began their racing careers workin...

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