Brian Corey

This Day in Automotive History publishes daily facts about people, places, events and vehicles connected to automotive history, industry and racing. All automotive stories are backed by research from hundreds of on and offline sources. Any errors are accidental and not intended to heighten or decrease the importance of a topic. Please feel free to alert the author, Brian Corey, if you believe something to be false. All photos are credited when credit is due. If there is no credit it can be assumed that photos or graphics are in the public domain.

Brian Corey is an automotive entertainment professional. He works as a content creator, screenwriter and producer for online and television media focused on automotive history, industry and lifestyle. He is also the author of “This Day in Automotive History.” One time he almost kickflipped a nine stair and he occasionally provides script notes for feature and television length screenplays. To learn more about this site or Brian, or to find out how he can help bring your automotive book, screenplay or TV show to life, don’t hesitate to contact him using the form below.

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