December 21, 1945 – Patton killed in mysterious car accident

On December 8, 1945, General George S. Patton was invited by chief of staff, Major General Hobart Gay, to go pheasant hunting off base from the German post he was overseeing. During the journey he stated, “How awful war is. Think of the waste.” Just moments later the Cadillac he was riding in the backseat of collided with an American army truck at a relatively low speed. Other occupants suffered minor injuries but Patton hit his head on the divider glass which resulted in paralysis. On this day in 1945 he died from his injuries. The infamous car crash was widely speculated as an assasination of the general in order to silence his criticism of allied war leaders.  George S. Patton in France in 1918 with a Renault FT light tank during WWIGeneral George Ss Patton in a command vehicle during a visit to Los Angeles in June 1945 after Victory in Europe