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December 7, 1931 – Model A is discontinued

The car that replaced the most successful car of the time started the discontinuation process on this day in 1931 in order to retool factories for production of its successors. The Model A was introduced to consumers on December 2, 1927 as the replacement to the Model T, which had been in production for 18 years. The Model A sold one million units in just over a year, and hit two million only five months after that. Henry Ford initially resisted developing a new model to replace his beloved Model T, but dropping sales figures eventually led him to give in. The vehicle’s design team was led by Henry’s son Edsel, although Henry would take most of the credit. When factories went back to work in March 1932 they began producing the four cylinder Model B and the Model 18, the first Ford to feature the company’s famous flathead V8 engine. Pic:1931 Model A – Public domain

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