1935 chevy truck

Dusty & Rusty – 1935 Chevrolet 1/2 Ton High Cab Pickup

The 1930s were obviously one of the most fun times in the United States. Everyone was roaming the country in search of work, running from insane dust storms, staying fit by eating very little and generally just having an excellent time. Oh wait, that’s all terrible. What’s also terrible is the condition of this 1935 Chevrolet High Cab 1/2 Ton Pickup that rolled out of the factory at the height of the Great Depression. Understandably, not a whole lot of these metal on wood cabbed trucks survived the era. Not only were parts as scarce as money, but the war effort saw a lot of old trucks get turned into bullets. Fortunately, this one on Craigslist from just west of Milwaukee was saved from Uncle Sam and a long list of other possible fates. But with a $15,500 asking price, does this old truck have a chance at a second birth?

The ad features an article that has a valid point, if you bought a truck in the 1930s it was to haul, not for any sort of play. The fact that this truck wasn’t beaten into the ground, especially given its cab manufactured by nailing sheet metal to a wood frame, is an automotive miracle. Although a host of new parts are included, the 207ci, flat six motor is not in running condition, but it does turn over, and over, and over. If you want to find out what its 72 horses are capable of hauling then a complete rebuild will likely be necessary, along with turning a few other nuts and bolts. Oh, wait, does this thing shift? You’ll probably be punching through three forward gears, as not many people would have splurged for the four on the floor option, you know, given the dire circumstances.

This truck needs pretty much everything, except it already has a new windshield. The interior, which would have originally featured “leather-type” material, seems to have sprung for a life as mouse meals. It does seem as if most of the dash components are there, but good luck getting them ticking. Or who knows, throw a battery in there and get out of Dodge — er Chevrolet?

Finding untarnished vehicles from the prewar era is becoming more and more difficult, but finding people willing to spend tens of thousands completing restorations on them is getting even harder. Chances are this truck will end up as a resto-mod or some other form of hot rod. Since this example seems fairly complete, hopefully someone takes the time to piece together a truck that represents one of the toughest socioeconomic times in our countries history. It deserves to live on after making it this far. What would you do with it?

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