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October 12, 1868 – August Horch is born

It was on this day in 1868 in the village of Winningen, Rhenish Prussia, a child by the name of August Horch came into the world, with him, a future bright in automotive engineering and a lasting legacy. Horch founded the manufacturing firm that would eventually be known simply as Audi. After receiving a degree in engineering Horch worked for Karl Benz from 1896 until he founded A. Horch & Co. in November 1899 in Cologne, Germany. The first Horch automobile was assembled in 1901. After several moves with the company the founder left the business due to a dispute. He set up a competing company, this time called Horch Automobil-Werke GmbH, but legal action soon followed and it was found that the Horch name could not be used on his new vehicles as it was still a registered trademark of his former partners at his first company. Horch decided to use the name Audi after his son suggested it while studying Latin and overhearing his father and investors discussing the possibilities for a new name for the company. Audi is the Latinization of Horch, both which mean “to listen.” Horch left Audi in 1920 and worked a variety of jobs around Berlin, as well as publishing his autobiography, “I Built Cars.” He would also serve on the board of Auto Union, the successor of Audi Automobilwerke GmbH. Pic:August Horch in a Horch automobile in 1908 – By Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-T1129-501 / CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 de,

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