April 12, 1888 – Founder of MG in born

On April 12, 1888 a boy by the name of Cecil was born in London to Henry and Fanny Kimber. Just 40 years later, in 1928, he would be responsible for the founding of MG. Cecil Kimber’s interest in automobiles started with a love of motorcycles. Following a riding accident he took to four wheel vehicles, first purchasing a 10 hp Singer in 1913. A year later he took a job with Sheffield-Simplex, a British car and motorcycle maker, as assistant to the chief designer. After bouncing around with a few different automakers he landed a long term position with Morris Motors Limited. While there he developed specialized bodies for the cars, focusing on sports car styling. This role led him to become the driving force in the official founding of MG, which stands for Morris Garages, in 1924. Cover Image: This 1925 MG, with registration number FC 7900, is dubbed Old Number One, but it wasn’t the first MG produced, rather the first manufactured specifically for racing competition. It made its debut at the 1925 Lands End Trial .

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