September 18, 1955 – Ford produces its 2 millionth V8 engine

On this day in 1955 Ford produces its 2 millionth V8 engine, 23 years after its introduction in 1932. The motor is valve-in-block type designed by the Ford Motor Company and built by Ford and various licensees. This was the first independently Ford designed and produced V8 and it made its debut in the 1932 Model 18, which is often referred to as a Ford V-8. The original flathead engine displaced 221 cubic inches, made 75 horsepower. Production of the 221 lasted from 1932 to 1936 before being replaced by a 239, which created 95 horsepower before being refined. The original flathead design was discontinued in 1953. The 2 millionth Ford V8 was a second generation V8. Pictured: 1932 Ford Model 18