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Dusty & Rusty – 1935 Chevrolet 1/2 Ton High Cab Pickup
Dusty & Rusty

Dusty & Rusty – 1935 Chevrolet 1/2 Ton High Cab Pickup

The 1930s were obviously one of the most fun times in the United States. Everyone was roaming the country in search of work, running from insane dust storms, staying fit by eating very little and generally just having an excellent time. Oh wait, that's all terrible. What's also terrible is the condition of this 1935 Chevrolet High Cab 1/2 Ton Pickup that rolled out of the factory at the height of the Great Depression. Understandably, not a whole lot of these metal on wood cabbed trucks survive today. Not only were parts as scarce as bread, but the war effort saw a lot of old workhorses turned into bullets. Fortunately, this one on Craigslist from of Milwaukee was saved from Uncle Sam and a long list of other possible fates. But with a $15,500 asking price, does this old truck have a chan...

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