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October 22, 1936 – The first VW test drive
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October 22, 1936 – The first VW test drive

1936 Volkswagen Prototype On this day in 1936 drivers road tested the Volkswagen Type 1 prototype for the first time. The car, proposed, designed and engineered by Ferdinand Porsche and his team under contract of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party, was labeled Volkswagen, which translates in German to "People's Car." It was developed to be affordable, reliable and simple to work on, making it attainable and manageable for the country’s working-class population. The original Type 1s were to hit a top speed of 62 mph, perfect for Germany's new Autobahn.  VWs on the assembly line in 1947, via Volkswagen The Beetle, as it came to be widely known, began mass production following WWII after the Wolfsburg factory landed back in German hands. Once the factory was up and running the little cars wo...

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