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November 24, 1951 – A mighty British merger
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November 24, 1951 – A mighty British merger

An agreed merger between Austin and Morris on this day in 1951 formed British Motor Corporation (BMC), the largest automaker in Britain and the fourth largest in the world, falling behind General Motors, Chrysler and Ford. The new company would continue to operate both brands as unique, claiming they would not produce the same models. However, the introduction of the Mini at the end of the decade saw both marques offering a version. Photo: A 1959 Morris Mini-Minor. This car, with registration number 621 AOK, was the first Mini off the production line to be badged Morris. It was never sold, and is now kept at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon, UK. Photographed at the Gaydon Mini Festival 2007. By DeFacto - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5

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