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October 14, 1965 – Oldsmobile Toronado debuts
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October 14, 1965 – Oldsmobile Toronado debuts

When the Oldsmobile Toronado debuted on this day in 1965 it had been nearly 30 years since an American front wheel drive car was mass produced. FWD had been buried with Cord and its coffin nose in 1937, until now. The original design was conceived in 1962 by Oldsmobile stylist David North. Shortly after he completed the design GM have Olds the go ahead to build a personal luxury car for the 1966 model year to compete with the likes of the Ford Thunderbird. North's design, which was never intended for production, was green lit. 1976 Oldsmobile Toronado Development of the front-wheel drive system, which became known as the Unitized Power Package (UPP), lasted more than seven years. Through that time components were driven upwards of 1.5 million miles to ensure reliability. 1985 Ol...

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