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March 2, 1969 – First flight of the Concorde
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March 2, 1969 – First flight of the Concorde

Take off of the first flight of the Concorde (test flight) on March 2, 1969. By André Cros - CC BY-SA 4.0 When standard air travel just did cut it for the Brits and the French in the 1960s, engineers from both countries dreamed up a new form of Transatlantic commercial flight. In 1962, the two governments signed an agreement to work together on the development of a supersonic transport. The project was initially called the "Anglo-French Supersonic Transport" or AFST, but it would later become known as the Concorde. Over the next few years, they shared efforts to design and build the plane. The shared goal involved an aircraft that could fly faster than the speed of sound. To do so, it received a sleek and aerodynamic design. Not only did the lines of the craft minimize drag, but it...

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