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October 26, 1909 – General Motors buys Cartercar
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October 26, 1909 – General Motors buys Cartercar

Byron Carter founded Cartercar in Jackson, Michigan in 1905, but moved the company moved to Detroit the following year. He again shifted locations, settling in Pontiac, Michigan in 1907, where production would remain through the life of the brand, even after General Motors purchased in on this day in 1909. 1906 Cartercar advertisement General Motors buys Cartercar as sales slump At the time of its acquisition by GM, Cartercar was slowly but surely increasing its sales numbers annually. In 1906 the company sold 101 vehicles, jumping to 325 in 1907. William Durant, founder of GM, said people advised him not to purchase Cartercar, but he had his reasons. He said of the deal, "They say I shouldn't have bought Cartercar. Well, how was anyone to know that Carter wasn't to be the thing?...

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