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January 4, 1900 – The first car in Florida arrives
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January 4, 1900 – The first car in Florida arrives

C. 1900 Locomobile On this day in automotive history, Charles A. Clark took delivery of a Locomobile Stanley No. 2 in Jacksonville, Florida, becoming the first in the state to own a factory-built automobile. According to a Florida Times-Union & Citizen article, crowds drew as Clark, an undertaker, as he drove the first car in Florida into the city center. Many expressed delight, wishing to take rides in the new contraption, to which Clark gladly obliged. The newspaper described the event, saying, "Several professional men announced their intention of duplicating the order immediately. Mr. Clark… has the assurances of several prominent people here that his lead will be followed by them as soon as the factory is able to supply the machine.” Automotive History in Florida ...

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