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December 22, 1978 – The last true Chevy Nova
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December 22, 1978 – The last true Chevy Nova

Introduced for 1962, the Chevy II hit the market to compete with the Ford Falcon. The vehicle's designers used the Falcon as a blueprint for nearly every aspect of the car. They even engineered it to be a wagon, 2-door, 4-door or convertible, just like the competition at FoMoCo. The only body styles the Falcon offered that the Chevy II did not included the sedan delivery and coupe utility, the latter being badged as the Ranchero. Like the Falcon, various trim levels were available for the Chevy II. The top of the line model received a Nova badge. When Ed Cole introduced the Chevy II to the press in the fall of 1961 he stated that it offered "maximum functionalism, with thrift." 1962 Chevy II Nova advertisement For 1962 and 1963, only inline 4 and 6 model engines were available....

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