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September 8, 1963 – A master engineer passes away
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September 8, 1963 – A master engineer passes away

Maurice Wilks, fften regarded as one of the most forward thinking automotive engineers the industry had ever known, passed away on this day in 1963. Wilks began his engineering career at Hillman in 1922. He went on to spend two years with General Motors in the mid 1920 before returning to Hillman. After another brief stint he accepted a position as chief engineer at Rover Company in 1930. His accomplishments at Rover include the introduction of the first gas turbine automobile. He then headed development of the Land Rover alongside his brother Spencer. A series of promotion between the end of WWII and 1962 would lead to Wilks to being named chairman of Rover, a position he held at the time of his death. Above: Maurice Wilks Top: Rover gas turbine powered car developed by Wilks....

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