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June 10, 1947 – The Saab prototype debuts
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June 10, 1947 – The Saab prototype debuts

The Ursaab On this day in 1947, Swedish airplane manufacturer Saab AB introduced the press to their first prototype automobile at the company's headquarters. It became known as the Ursaab, which translates to “Original Saab.” This vehicle led to the first production Saab in 1949, the Saab 92. Let's back up. Saab AB had been producing warplanes for WWII, but launched an automobile design project in 1945 code named X9248. Later it became known as Project 92, as this was the next production vehicle following Project 91, a single engine trainer aircraft. Saab desired to produce a vehicle that would compete with the small German vehicles, such as those from Opel and Adler. Transverse two-cylinder two-stroke. By Ballista, CC BY-SA 3.0 Development of the Saab 92 A 16 person team ...

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