January 19, 1978 – The last German VW Beetle

Introduced in Germany during the Nazi regime as the The People’s Car, the Volkswagen Type 1, commonly referred to as the Beetle, started rolling off the assembly line in mass quantities following World War II. The small car would eventually become the best selling vehicle of all time to date, surpassing the Model T in total volume in 1972. However, the fun wouldn’t last forever. It was on this day in 1978 that the last VW Type 1 rolled off a German assembly line. Production would continue outside of Germany until July 30, 2003 when the very last Type 1, number 21,529,464 in total, rolled out of a production facility in Puebla, Mexico.

Cover: 1978 Volkswagen Beetle. By Niels de Wit from Lunteren, The Netherlands – 1978 Volkswagen Beetle, CC BY 2.0.

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