November 12, 1908 – General Motors buys Oldsmobile

On this day in 1908 Oldsmobile is purchased by the newly formed General Motors (GM). At the time, Oldsmobile was losing money after their latest product, a six cylinder model, failed to sell in the volume of the popular Curved Dash, which is widely considered the first mass produced American automobile.

Oldsmobile Model 20

Following the purchase of Oldsmobile f, GM introduced the Model 20 for 1909, which was more or less the 1908 Buick Model 10 with a longer wheelbase and some minor changes to the exterior. The rear wheel drive, four door model was equipped with a 22 hp four cylinder engine, which gave it sufficient power and fuel economy. A total of 6,575 Oldsmobile vehicles were manufactured in 1909, with 5,325 of them being the Model 20.

Cover: 1909 Oldsmobile Model 20

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