March 8, 1950 – VW Type 2 goes on sale

Ben Pon may not not a familiar name, but he earns credit for the introduction of the Volkswagen Type 2, first offered for sale this day in 1950. Pon hadvisited Wolfsburg in 1946, intending to import the Beetle to the Netherlands after it went back into production following WWII. Realizing need for a larger vehicle, Pon sketched a small bus that used the same pan as the Beetle. He brought his idea to leadership at Volkswagen, who further developed the idea. The Type 2 was born.

Ben Pon sketch of what would become the Type 2.

VW built the vehicle on its own pan, atop which sat numerous body styles, including panel vans and trucks. The Type 2, aka Transporter, affectionately became known as the VW Bus, Camper and a myriad of other names. The final Type 2 left Brazil production facility on December 13, 2013. 

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