Dusty & Rusty – 1959 Chevrolet El Camino – $4,500

Yesterday we celebrated the release of the 1959 Chevrolet El Camino, so when this one came across my screen, I had to put it on blast. Though this one appears to have gone through a blast or two of its own. Listed for $4,500 on Craigslist outside of Spokane, Washington, this ElCo is in need of some serious help. It appears to have been sitting long enough for a tree to start growing through the rear bumper.

I’ve always been drawn to ’59 Chevys. I attribute part of my affection to the fact my father drove one as his first car. If memory serves correctly, he picked up for a whopping $100. The love transcends this anecdote, for the style is so unique for the year, mostly in the rear. Those horizontal cat eye fins designed by Bob Cadaret are the perfect blend of fierceness and elegance. In any case, any ’59 Chev is a bucket list car for me. Unfortunately, this 1959 El Camino for sale may have already kicked the bucket.

I retract my previous statement. I am positive there are plenty of folks who would love to resurrect this coupe truck. With about 22,000 sold in its debut year, ’59ers are growing rarer and rarer. While I am a fan of restorations for rare rides, I don’t see that being the case for this rusty ride. The seller notes it was an original six cylinder automatic, but the motor and tranny are long gone.

Aside from the missing running gear, it does look to be fairly complete. The dash appears to be all there, minus the radio. The steering wheel isn’t original though. Who can name the car it’s out of? Though its got most of its goods, a full restoration is definitely necessary. That seat has been gobbled up by mice and the door panels are hardly a shade of their former selves.

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Rust is certainly an issue too. Much of it seems to be a surface concern, but then we see the floor behind the seat is completely gone. Other notable areas surround the headlights, tailgate and rear quarters. Once you dive in don’t be surprised to find a few more problematic spots.

There’s a lot of opportunity here. Is it going to end up with an LS? Probably. And in this case, I’d say that’s the right move. Hell, clearcoat and go, right? That survivor look is all the rage, right? For $4,500 is this 1959 El Camino for sale the right starting point for your next build? Heck, once you get it moving you can even haul your own parts!

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