February 26, 1725 – The inventor of the automobile is born

French inventor Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, born on this day in 1725, receives credit as the creator of the first self-propelled, land based vehicle. Cugnot, a captain in the French army, had long relied on two wheeled horse drawn fardiers to carry heavy equipment across great distances. This included items such

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February 21, 1948 – NASCAR is founded

NASCAR’s roots intertwine with those of smuggling moonshine during America’s prohibition era. Drivers who delivered illegal alcohol needed fast cars to outrun police, so they regularly tuned their vehicles for more power and better handling. Following prohibition, these drives continued to possess a need for speed. They organized races

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February 20, 1909 – Hudson is founded

When eight businessmen from Detroit approached department store founder Joseph L. Hudson requesting an investment for a new automobile company he was likely a bit confused. He dealt in suits, not cars, after all. Regardless, their pitch sold him on the idea. He put up the necessary capital to

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