SEMA 2019 Gallery

I had the opportunity to attend SEMA in Las Vegas for the first time this year. My first thought, “Whoa, there’s a lot to see.” Even from all the video and article coverage I’ve seen of past shows, I had no idea just how large this conference really is.

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November 2, 1935 – The Coffin Nose Cord

The Cord 810 was introduced by the Cord Automobile division of the Auburn Automobile Company at the National Automobile Show in New York City on this day in 1935. The luxurious vehicle was the first mass produced American front wheel drive car with independent front suspension. The earlier Cord

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November 1, 1955 – Studebaker introduces the Hawk

Studebaker introduced the Hawk sports car line on this day in 1955 for the 1956 model year. It included the Golden Hawk, Sky Hawk, Power Hawk, and Flight Hawk, which was the lowest priced model. The Hawk series was simplified after 1957 and only one model was available. The

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October 30, 1963 – The first Lamborghini

When Enzo Ferrari refused to see a wealthy customer who had some concerns about his recently purchased Ferrari, that customer pledged to build his own sports car out of spite. The dissed customer, Ferruccio Lamborghini, stood by his word, sparking one of the greatest rivalries in automotive history. Ferruccio’s

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