July 14, 1955 – VW Karmann Ghia debuts

Volkswagen publicly introduced the production version of its new Karmann Ghia on this day in 1955 at the Kasino Hotel in Westphalia, Germany. The KG was marketed as a 2+2 sports car that was available as a coupe, or after 1957, as a convertible. It combined the mechanicals and

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July 12, 1933 – The Dymaxion car

With a name that rings of bully characters in ‘80s coming of age movies, Buckminster Fuller, born in 1895, was quite the opposite. The Massachusetts raised philosopher, engineer and architect lived his life as, as he put it, “an experiment to find what a single individual can contribute to

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July 11, 1899 – Fiat is founded

Count Emanuele Cacherano of Bricherasio was seeking investors in a horseless carriage project and Giovanni Agnelli wanted in. Agnelli paid $400 to buy into the founding of Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili Torino, which occurred on this day in 1899. Translated to English, Italian Automobiles Factory, Turin, or FIAT, as

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July 10, 1962 – The three point seat belt is patented

Swedish engineer Nils Bohlin received a US patent for his three-point automobile safety belt “for use in vehicles, especially road vehicles” on this day in 1962. Volvo had hired Bohlin four years earlier as the company’s first chief safety engineer. At that time, seatbelts were rarely used outside of

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July 7, 1953 – Subaru is established

On this day in 1953 Fuji Heavy Industries Co., Ltd (FHI) established the Subaru brand, which is the name given to the Pleiades star cluster shown on the Subaru logo. The six stars represent the six companies that merged together to create FHI. The first Subaru car, the 1500,

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