December 10, 1915 – 1,000,000 Fords

On this day in 1915 the 1,000,000th Ford ever produced rolled out of the River Rouge factory in Detroit. That year Ford produced a total of 308,162 vehicles with its base model, the Runabout, selling for $390. The next year, production increased by nearly 200,000 units and the price

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December 8, 1981 – Mitsubishi lands in America

In 1971 Chrysler Corporation purchased 15 percent of Mitsubishi, allowing the Japanese company to sell the Mitsubishi Galant as a rebadged Dodge Colt in order to compete in the growing small car market in the US. Less than a decade later Chrysler was bleeding financially and Mitsubishi was not

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December 7, 1979 – The Last MG Midget

On this day in 1979 the final MG Midget rolled off the assembly line. The car was first introduced in 1961 as a more spendy badge-engineered Austin-Healey Sprite. It had identical mechanicals as the Sprite, but in 1962 the 948cc engine was upgraded to 1098cc. The car would go

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December 6, 1976 – Kitty O’Neil sets a land speed record

Alvord Desert in the state of Oregon hosted Kitty O’Neil and her team as she chased the women’s land speed record on this day in 1976. Kitty was working a stuntwoman when she met Bill Fredrick, a stunt technology maker, who built the SMI Motivator, the car which she

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December 5, 1977 – The first FWD car from Chrysler

The first mass produced front wheel drive cars from the Chrysler Corporation, the Dodge Omni and Plymouth Horizon, were introduced on this day in 1977. Not only were they the first front wheel drive vehicles produced in large quantities from Chrysler, they are among the first from any American

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December 3, 1979 – The last AMC Pacer

The 1970s gas crisis forced many automakers to rethink their production lineup. By the middle of the decade consumers were less interested in style and power and more focused on value and fuel efficiency. To answer the cries of the people AMC introduced the Pacer. When it debuted in

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