January 12, 1879 – The first Indy 500 winner, Ray Harroun, is born

Ray Harroun, the winner of the inaugural Indianapolis 500, was born on this day in 1879 in Spartansburg, Pennsylvania. By his early 20s, Harroun was already a successful race car and endurance driver. One of his first major accomplishments came in 1903 when he, along with three other drivers

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January 9, 1924 – Ford’s worth tops $1 billion

On January 9, 1924, the market capitalization of Ford Motor Company would exceed $1 billion for the first time. For non-investors, the market cap equates to the total dollar market value of a company’s outstanding shares of stock. The investment community uses this figure, which is calculated by multiplying

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Dusty & Rusty – 1949 Ford V8

If you happened to stroll into the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City in June of 1948, you may have been among the earliest to lay eyes on the first all new car from the American Big Three since the end of World War II. The 1949 Ford design

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January 7, 1985 – Saturn is founded

Saturn started as a codename for a new small car from General Motors in the mid 1980s, but ended up becoming a car brand all its own. In June of 1982 discussions of a new compact were heating up at GM and the idea was first publicized by Chairman

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January 6, 1930 – The first diesel automobile trip

Founded in 1919, the Cummins Engine Company set out to prove that diesel motors were a viable option for passenger car travel. To show the feasibility of diesel, founder Clessie Cummins concocted a marketing stunt that would prove diesel engines could compete with gasoline motors in daily drivers. To

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