The first cadillac in 1902

October 20, 1902 – The first Cadillac is completed, maybe…

According to the book “Henry Leland – Master of Precision,” the final assembly of the first Cadillac took place on this day in 1902. This date is up for dispute. Another source points to October 17 as the day the first car reached completion. One account states car number

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October 19, 1965 – MGB GT goes on sale

MG released the unitary construction MGB in 1962 to replace the seven year old MGA. While it didn’t feature the traditional body and frame assembly of its predecessor, the two cars did share many components. The brakes and suspension are traced to the MGA, while the four cylinder B-Series

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1917 Dodge Brothers Roadster

Dusty & Rusty – 1917 Dodge Brothers Roadster – $8,995

Horace and John Dodge are among the most fascinating automotive pioneers, at least in this author’s opinion. They started a machine shop in 1900 that would supply engines, transmissions, axles and other parts to numerous automakers including Oldsmobile and Ford. The pair made a fortune from to Henry Ford

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October 18, 1934 – Automatic transmission patented

Oscar H. Banker, an Armenian-American inventor born in 1895, filed for a patent for a new type of automatic transmission on this day in 1934. The automatic transmission wasn’t a new idea at the time, but it had hardly been perfected. General Motors and REO each debuted a semi-automatic

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1932 Chrysler for sale

Dusty & Rusty – 1932 Chrysler CI – Runs & Drives – $7,600

Being alive in 1932 was tough. While the Great Depression may ring a bell, plenty of other tragedy and tribulation was playing out across the land. It was 1932 that witnessed the Lindbergh kidnapping and Adolf Hitler earning German citizenship (he was Austrian/Hungarian by birth). The same year saw

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Finely Finned 1957 Chevy 210 – $8,200

I am often amazed at how little info some sellers are willing to offer in a classified add for a classic car, or any car for that matter. But then, some cars really don’t need an introduction. This $8,200 1957 Chevrolet 210 for sale in Chicago on Craigslist is

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