1895 Duryea racer

November 28, 1895 – Chicago hosts the first US automobile race

The first organized automobile race in the United States took place on this day in 1895. On July 10, earlier that year, the Chicago Times-Herald announced it would host the race and offered a winning prize of $5,000, about $143,000 in 2017. Astonishingly, the newspaper received 83 entries. When

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second generation Cadillac Fleetwood

November 27, 1996 – The last Cadillac Fleetwood

The Fleetwood Metal Body in the early 19th century as an automobile coach builder, applying traditional methods of construction that dated back as far as 300 years. From its founding in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania in 1909, until Fisher Body purchased it in 1925, the company manufactured custom coaches for a

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November 26, 1948 – The first Holden cars

J. A. Holden & Co became a leading saddlery in South Australia soon after its founding in 1856. When the original owner’s grandson joined the company almost 50 years later he added automotive upholstery repair to the company’s services. Following WWI, the formation of subsidiary Holden Motor Body Builders

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November 25, 1949 – The 1,000,000th Cadillac

On this day in 1949 a 1949 Cadillac Coupe deVille rolled off the assembly line, marking the 1,000,000th Cadillac to be manufactured since the company’s inception in 1902. Pictured with the vehicle above are John F. Gordon, General Manager; Don E. Ahrens, General Sales Manager; and C.A. Raftrey, Works

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VW Bug driving in Germany

November 24, 1973 – The Autobahn gets a speed limit

Ah, the Autobahn. It’s where you go to put the pedal to the metal for unrestricted automotive thrills, right? Well, sort of — in some places. The German Autobahn, officially known as the Bundesautobahn (federal motorway), actually has many speed-controlled areas. Marked speed limits are found in sections that

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1926 Harley Earl in a 1927 LaSalle 303 Roadster

November 22, 1893 – Harley Earl is born

Automotive designer and executive Harley J. Earl was born on this day in 1893 in Hollywood, California. Earl began his automotive career when he dropped out of Stanford to join his father’s coachbuilding business, Harley Automotive Works. There he learned the art of crafting custom car bodies, many of

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