May 18, 1958 – Lotus makes its Formula One debut

Team Lotus made its Formula One debut today in 1958 at the Monaco Grand Prix in France, the opening event for the European racing season. Lotus entered two single-seat Type 12 race cars, which were driven by Cliff Allison and Graham Hill. While Ferrari was the favored team in

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May 17, 1994 – Al Unser Sr. retires

Al Unser Sr. raced his way into the record books with four Indy 500 wins, as well as becoming the oldest person to win the race when he did so in 1987, five days before his 48th birthday. His incredible career started in 1957 at age 18 when he

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May 14, 1966 – Subaru introduces the 1000

By 1966 Subaru had been selling its tiny, rear engine 360 for nearly a decade, and executives knew it was high time the Japanese automaker stepped up its competition in the compact car market. In order to compete with the likes of the Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sunny, Mazda Familia

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May 13, 1975 – Inventor of drive-in dies

In the early 1930s, one Richard Hollingshead supposedly came to know a familiar complaint from his plump mother, “Movie theater seats are too small for my frame,” she’d exclaim, probably. To provide his mother with a more enjoyable movie going experience, something that was still relatively new at the

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May 12, 1973 – “Bloody May” at Indy begins

May of 1973 was a deadly month at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, earning it the nickname Bloody May. It began on this day in 1973 when American race car driver Art Lee Pollard, Jr died in an accident while running practice laps for the Indianapolis 500. Pollard had clipped a

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