February 3, 1948 – The first tail fins

General Motors design chief Harley Earl was an inspired man after gazing upon a twin-tailed P-38 Lightning fighter plane of WWII. By borrowing elements of the plane’s design he ushered in the tail fin era of the automobile, starting with the 1948 Cadillac, the first of which left the

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January 31, 1942 – Pre war civilian auto production wraps up

COVER: Boeing bombers took the place of sedans and coupes in production facilities across America as automakers supported the war efforts. Under the Lend-Lease Act, the US auto industry was to transition from building personal and commercial cars and trucks to war vehicles, machinery and weapons by early 1942.

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January 30, 1920 – Mazda is founded

Toyo Cork Kogyo, which would eventually become Mazda, was founded by Jujiro Matsuda in Hiroshima, Japan on this day in 1920. The company, which produced cork, was saved from bankruptcy by Hiroshima Savings Bank in the late 1920s. The near death experience allowed the board of the company  to

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January 29, 1886 – The automobile is patented

Karl Benz received German patent number 37435 when he applied to patent the Benz Patent-Motorwagen on this day in 1886. The vehicle is widely regarded as the world’s first purpose built automobile as it was the first carriage designed with the intent to be propelled by an internal combustion

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