September 3, 1875 – Ferdinand Porsche is born

Ferdinand Porsche, International Motorsports Hall of Fame member and Car Engineer of the 20th Century, was born on this day in 1875 in current day Czech Republic. Aside from founding Porsche, this is the man responsible for some of the world’s most beloved and distinguished automobiles. His first automotive

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Dusty & Rusty – 1976 AMC Pacer – $1,450

No, it doesn’t have a driver’s side door on it. But a lot of people drive around in Jeeps without doors, so maybe just take some inspiration from that? In any case, this 1976 AMC Pacer for sale in Tacoma, Washington on Craigslist is listed for a cool $1,450,

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1959 Morris Mini Minor

August 26, 1959 – The original Mini goes on sale

In part due to Egypt’s nationalization of the Suez Canal in 1956, much of Europe was facing massive fuel shortages. In response, Sir Leonard Lord, head of British Motor Corporation (BMC), set out to build a small, fuel efficient car to compete with the German cars that currently lead

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