December 27, 1941 – USA begins WWII tire rationing

The United States Federal Office of Price Administration (OPA) began its first rationing program to support WWII efforts on this day in 1941, limiting the number of tires any automobile driver could own to five. This included the tires already on any vehicle already owned by a driver. Originally

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December 26, 1933 – The beginning of Nissan

Nissan can trace its roots back to the first Japanese automaker, Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works. The company’s original three investors named its first car DAT, an acronym of their surnames, which the public first met in 1914. By 1931 the company’s name had changed to DAT Jidosha & Co.

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Louis Chevrolet in a Frontenac

December 25, 1878 – Louis Chevrolet is born

Louis Chevrolet, namesake to Chevrolet Motor Car Company, was born on this day in 1878 in Switzerland. After immigrating to Paris as a child he became fascinated with bicycle racing and mechanics. He spent his early adulthood working in various mechanics shops before moving to Canada and then New

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December 23, 1923 – A Rolls-Royce for the president

Having a birthday during the holiday season can be difficult for people who fear their special day will be forgotten. Well, nobody forgot former US President Woodrow Wilson on this day in 1923 when he was presented with a Springfield Rolls-Royce 40/50hp Silver Ghost Oxford Touring Car for his

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December 22, 1978 – The last true Chevy Nova

Introduced for 1962, the Chevy II hit the market to compete with the Ford Falcon. The vehicle’s designers used the Falcon as a blueprint for nearly every aspect of the car. They even engineered it to be a wagon, 2-door, 4-door or convertible, just like the competition at FMC.

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December 20, 2019 – Roger & Me Debuts

Amid record profits in the 1980s, a series of decisions approved by General Motors CEO Roger Smith led to the closing of several GM plants in Flint, Michigan. Smith intended to take advantage of cheap labor in Mexico. Michael Moore documented the shuttering of the plants, starting in 1986,

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