September 24, 1948 – Honda Motor Company incorporates

In 1937 Soichiro Honda founded a manufacturing company to produce piston rings for Toyota, but during WWII one of Honda’s factories was bombed and the other collapsed in an earthquake in 1945. He sold off salvageable parts and machinery directly to Toyota and used the funds he received to

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September 22, 1893 – The first American car

On this day in 1893 brothers Frank and Charles Duryea debuted the first operational personal automobile in the United States on the streets of Springfield, Massachusetts. In the first attempt to publicly drive the car it came to a sudden halt after just a few hundred feet, as the

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September 21, 1903 – Preston Tucker is born

On this day in 1903 American car designer and inventor Preston Tucker was born in Capac, Michigan. Preston is perhaps best known for the Tucker 48, but his legacy in the auto industry reaches far beyond that revolutionary vehicle. Tucker got his start in the auto industry as an

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September 20, 1962 – The MGB goes to press

Just three years after introducing the MGA, the folks at MG began work on its replacement. That fact alone makes it a miracle that the MGB, which was first publicized on this day in 1962, would remain in production for 18 years following its release.  Aside from the limited

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September 17, 1909 – GM legend Ed Cole is born

On this day in 1909 GM executive Ed Cole was born in Marne, Michigan. Though the son of a dairy farmer, Cole wasn’t much interested in the cows. He spent his youth designing, building and selling homemade radios. His first job in the auto industry was manning the counter

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