Dusty & Rusty – 1957 Corvette

In 1957 the average monthly rent in the US was $90 and a dozen eggs would set you back 28 cents, which was four cents more than a gallon of gas. At 24 cents a gallon, it would have cost you a whopping $3.84 to fill up the 16

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January 26, 1979 – Dukes of Hazzard premiers

“Ooooh, those Duke boys!” Cousins Bo and Luke Duke and the rest of Hazzard County crashed onto the small screen on this day in 1979 on American broadcast network CBS on The Dukes of Hazzard. The show was an action comedy that brought cars into the starlight, especially Bo

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January 25, 1905 – A new land speed record

The sands of Daytona Beach, Florida were the perfect location for early auto racing and speed tests and the area remains popular with the auto sport industry to this day. It was there, on this day in 1905, that Brit Arthur Macdonald piloted a Napier six-cylinder racing car named

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January 24, 1860 – The jumping spark engine is patented

Patents for internal combustion engines date back to as far as 1807, but none were considered commercially successful until engineer Jean Joseph Étienne Lenoir of Mussy-la-Ville, Luxembourg, in modern day Belgium, came up with his own design. His design was the first to burn a mixture of coal gas

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January 22, 1950 – Preston Tucker is not guilty

Decades of work in the auto industry taught Preston Tucker that change was constant and necessary. His experiences provided the world view he needed to create an astonishing new car for the post WWII world. What he developed in the late 1940s was the Tucker 48, a futuristic vehicle

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January 21, 1862 – Opel is founded

Long before Opel ever made a car, they produced sewing machines. Founded on this day in 1862 by Adam Opel, the business finally moved from the cowshed in 1888 when they added bicycles to their production catalog. After Adam’s passing in 1895, his sons took over the business and

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