1909 Oldsmobile 20

November 12, 1908 – GM buys Oldsmobile

On this day in 1908 the newly formed General Motors purchased Oldsmobile. At the time, Oldsmobile was losing money after their latest product, a six cylinder, failed to sell in the volume of the popular Curved Dash. The Curved Dash has received recognition as the first mass produced American

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Daimler Reitwagen

November 10, 1885 – The first motorcycle ride

On this day in 1885 the first test ride of what is often considered the first modern motorcycle, the Daimler Reitwagen (“riding car”), occurred. At the controls was 17-year-old Paul Daimler, son of the bike’s inventor, Gottlieb Daimler. This journey effectively made Paul the world’s first biker.  Gottlieb and

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Robert McNamara and Kennedy

November 9, 1960 – McNamara becomes president of Ford

When Robert Strange McNamara was serving in the US Air Force during WWII, he made a strong impression on his colonel, Charles “Tex” Thornton. Following the war, Thornton recruited McNamara and eight other military men to form a consulting business. Their goal was to help big business readjust to

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November 8, 1909 – The first Hupmobile test drive

On this day in 1908 Bobby Hupp took the first successful test drive of a Hupmobile on the streets of Detroit, Michigan with investors looking on. After the successful run they popped the champagne. The company was incorporated the same month and debuted their Model 20 to the public

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November 7, 1980 – The death of Steve McQueen

The “King of Cool,” Steve McQueen. passed away on this day in 1980 due to pleural mesothelioma, a cancer associated with asbestos exposure. Born Terence Stephen McQueen on March 24, 1930, he would go on to make a name for himself in Hollywood and on the racetrack. Starring in

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