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March 10, 1983 – Ford Bronco II goes on sale

Bronco II

The Ford Bronco II, the younger and smaller sibling of the full size SUV by the same name, went on sale on this day in 1983. Debuting 17 years after the original Bronco hit showrooms, the baby Bronco became an instant success. The small SUV, which shared a platform with with the new Ford Ranger, remained in production through the 1991 model year. Initially available only as a 4×4, a rear wheel drive option hit dealers for 1986. This was the last 3-door compact SUV Ford produced, until the release of the new Ford Bronco.

Top: A Ford Bronco II. Above: The new Ford Bronco lineup (

The new Ford Bronco Sport is akin to the Bronco II, while the truck that everyone actually wants aligns with the popular full sized rigs of yesteryear. Those older big boys are now bringing bookoo bucks at the auction block. If they’re built well, anyway.

Isn’t it? Get it here.

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