Future Collectibles – 1985 Renault Alliance convertible

If you so happened to click on this article, you and I have something in common – an affinity for the oddballs. Let’s start with some history. In 1979 a partnership between AMC and Renault was established, with Renault holding a controlling interest. This resulted in the Alliance and

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5 Cars Worth Big Bucks that are Waiting to be Found

Treasure hunting is often associated with sunken ships, buried chests and X’s on maps, but that’s not necessarily the case if you’ve got gasoline running through your veins. You’ve heard the tales, true and false, about automotive archeologists finding the industry equivalent of Tut’s tomb, right? Well, it could

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May 4, 1904 – Royce meets Rolls

Henry Royce was born poor and was working by age 9. Charles Rolls was born to an affluent family and had a formal education at Trinity College in Cambridge. The two made unlikely business partners, but they had two things in common by the time they met; a background

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May 2, 1918 – General Motors buys Chevrolet

On this day in 1918 General Motors (GM) purchased the Chevrolet Motor Company. In a bit of irony, William C. Durant, founder of Chevrolet, had also founded GM several years earlier, but was kicked to the curb when profits began to fall. Stockholders of GM blamed the issue on

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