December 19, 1972 – The final LRV is left on the moon

The final manned mission to the moon, Apollo 17, began its journey home on this day in 1972, leaving behind the last Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV). The LRV acted as ground transport for astronauts and equipment, allowing for otherwise impossible research and exploration. The departure of Apollo 17’s crew saw

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December 17, 1963 – Passing of the Clean Air Act

US Congress enacted the Clean Air Act of 1963 on this day in 1963, providing a range of guidelines to help reduce and prevent pollution. Among its most important components included federal program created to research techniques for monitoring and controlling air pollution. Interestingly, new emissions standards were outlined

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Colin Chapman 1956

December 16, 1982 – Colin Chapman, Lotus founder, dies

Colin Chapman, English engineer, automotive designer and founder of Lotus Cars, passed away on this day in 1982 at age 54. Born in Surrey in 1928, Chapman would studied structural engineering at University College London. He would later attend University of London Air Squadron before briefly joining the Royal

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December 15, 1969 – The last Plymouth Superbird

The story of the Plymouth Superbird and its development is fairly well-known, so we won’t get into heavy details. In brief, it had one job, to dominate NASCAR along with its older sibling, the 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona. While Dodge only had to build 500 Daytonas to be eligible

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December 14, 1909 – The last brick is laid at Indy

The original track surface at Indianapolis Motor Speedway was a cruel mixture of limestone, gravel, tar and oil. The resulting plane was so rough it shredded nearly all of the tires of the motorcycles that took to it on opening day, bringing competition to a halt. Before races resumed,

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