MotorCities National Heritage Area sign

November 6, 1998 – MotorCities National Heritage Area is established

On this day in 1998 President Bill Clinton declared some 10,000 square miles of Michigan the Automobile National Heritage Area. The site commemorates the role of the automobile in U.S. history. The location received designation largely because of metro Detroit‘s primary role in the promotion and production of the

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November 5, 1918 – Henry Ford loses US Senate election

The United States gubernatorial, house and senate elections took place throughout the United States on November 5, 1918. One of those races would elect a new Class 1 U.S. Senator from the State of Michigan. Running was the former Secretary of the Navy, republican Truman Handy Newberry, and industrialist

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First Plymouth Voyager

November 2, 1983 – The birth of the minivan

A few years before automotive executives Lee Iacocca and his Mustang sidekick Hal Sperlich found themselves kicked to the curb outside of Ford headquarters, the two spearheaded a new concept car known as the Carousel. Henry Ford II, who tended to butt heads with Iacocca, was less than impressed.

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November 1, 1955 – Studebaker Hawk line is introduced

Studebaker introduced the Hawkon this day in 1955 for the 1956 model year. Described as a “family sports car,” the line included the Golden Hawk, Sky Hawk, Power Hawk, and Flight Hawk, the lowest priced model. The Hawk cars, which succeeded the Studebaker Speedster, were all two door, four

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October 30, 1963 – The first Lamborghini

When Enzo Ferrari refused to see a wealthy customer who had some concerns about his recently purchased Ferrari, that customer pledged to build his own sports car out of spite. The dissed customer, Ferruccio Lamborghini, stood by his word, sparking one of the greatest rivalries in automotive history. Ferruccio’s

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