No, it doesn’t have a driver’s side door on it. But a lot of people drive around in Jeeps without doors, so maybe just take some inspiration from that? In any case, this 1976 AMC Pacer for sale in Tacoma, Washington on Craigslist is listed for a cool $1,450, and that does include the door! It needs some work, but if you’re looking to build a Wayne’s World car, this is a great starting point.

The best view of an AMC Pacer

The “first wide small car,” as AMC marketed the Pacer, was introduced to showrooms in February 1975

. The Dick Teague design, later dubbed the Flying Fishbowl because of its 37% glass surface area, made waves as AMC’s all new sub compact. In it’s first year of production nearly 145,000 rolled out of the Kenosha, Wisconsin AMC plant. How does this one measure up?
AMC 232 engine

First, some good news. The AMC 232 six cylinder does run, and quite well, according to the seller. It even has a new head gasket and lifters. However, the car doesn’t move. The Torqueflite 904 automatic transmission, though having been gone through, seems to be having problems. The seller alludes to issues with line pressure or the transmission valve body. Despite the trouble, it does have all new seals and wearable parts, as well as a fresh torque converter. If you’re handy, you could be cruising, doors on or off, in no time.

Are you All About That Glass? Use code CARS for 15% off!

Speaking of that missing door, it is included, but new hinges are needed for attachment. Just take the other one off, right? Whatever you decide, at least you’ll be able to stop — after a bit of work. While a new brake master cylinder, new front brake parts, and wheel bearings and new brake hoses have been installed, the rears still need assembly. The parts are included, so get your tool box out.

AMC Pacer interior

Included in the $1,450 is a box of parts, a classic ’70s paint job, a clear title, and a whole bunch of rust. Not included? A battery. The seller does say he can start it with one he has, but he’s not letting it go. While this AMC Pacer for sale would be much more desirable if it were a V8 model, it’s hard to resist the allure of all those windows and the fact these cars can fetch upwards of $20K when restored. So are you all about that glass, or is this AMC Pacer a pass?

AMC Pacer coming at you!
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