Dusty & Rusty – Halloween special – 1964 Chevrolet C10 Panel Truck

Tired of the same ole haunted houses for Halloween? Maybe try this haunted AF truck! For only $575 you can snag this creepy-not-so-crawly 1964 Chevrolet panel truck out of Jackson, Mississippi, which may or may not be the inspiration for Stephen King’s next novel. This windowless Suburban is perfect for your next chainsaw massacre! 

Now that the pitch is out of the way, let’s dive in.This non-running and ghoulish rig is said to be all there, just in poor shape. I’d say the seller pretty much nailed that description, and it’s basically the only thoughts given by them. So, for just over half a grand, would you put a skeleton in the driver’s seat and call Halloween a success?

When the holiday is over this could make for an interesting winter project. Probably a few winters honestly. While the current condition of this long wheel base, C10 platformed truck will likely prevent it from seeing a full restoration, it’s still got plenty of life in it, if you’re ready to do the work. The seller states it has its factory V8, which if accurate would make this a 283 cubic incher, and it’s connected to a four on the floor. While well optioned under the hood, it wouldn’t be wrong to guess the motor and tranny, and probably the rest of the drivetrain, are going to need to be rebuilt or replaced, especially given the amount of decay present.

Add in brakes, suspension and like and you may have a runner, which is certainly easier said than done. The fact that this thing is sitting on rims and tires that don’t match the rest of the truck gives me hope that this beast at least rolls and stops. Given the minor front end damage though, it may have needed brakes a long, long time ago. 

While the mechanicals may take some time, the rest of the vehicle may not eat up too much of your budget if you’re not worried about the current, um, style. The interiors of these vehicles were generally bare bones, consisting of a couple captains chairs up front and a metal bed in back, meaning there isn’t a whole lot to do. That said, there are obvious rust issues that will need to be dealt with in the rear quarters and back doors and everywhere else…

Assuming that Willys in the background is owned by the seller, maybe you could strike a deal for both. Imaging having those light up when the kids come knocking for treats. Talk about a great trick. Personally, I’d love to see this truck up and running in it’s current state. Throw in some new glass and go, but no doubt this truck needs just about everything, so perhaps it is best left for yard art. At $575 though, why not? 

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