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Gas rationing goes into effect

On this day in 1942 17 states in the eastern United States began gas rationing as the war effort went into full effect. By the end of the year President Roosevelt would ensure that all 50 states (then 48 states plus Alaska and Hawaii as territories) were participating in gas rationing. Gas wasn’t the only commodity being rationed. Rubber was the first material to have a rationing program initiated since a Japanese invasion of the Dutch East Indies cut off rubber supplies to the US, making it difficult to produce tires needed for wartime vehicles. Gas stamps were issued by local boards and placed on the windshield of vehicles. There were different levels for different means. Black stamps were deemed vehicles that utilized non-essential travel, and were allotted just three gallons per week. Working vehicles, such as mail carriers and police vehicles received red stamps. Other efforts to reduce fuel consumption included the passing of a national speed limit of 35 mph, which became known as the Victory Speed. By December 1, 1942 mandatory gas rationing was in effect across the whole nation. Photos:A gas rationing stampA WWII Texaco advertisementGas station featuring gas rationing info

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