American Apocalypse – Mad Max 1972 AMC Javelin for Sale

By Cody Clark

It seems every day is a new surprise at the gas pump, and those that give up and try to choose an electric car may be increasingly out of luck as supply chain challenges put pressure on the EV industry. This car will solve none of those problems, and in fact it will likely make your wallet hurt more at the pump. But you can look cool while doing it. This 1972 AMC Javelin for sale has been painstakingly transformed into a Mad Max set piece. Available on Craigslist in the rugged and barren islands near Coupeville, WA for an ambitious $13,000, this labor of love features custom (and working!) secondary gas tanks mounted in back, a matte black paint job, and a ton of movie details like a shotgun replica. 

You’ll recall that the road warrior himself drove an Aussie Ford Falcon, not a Javelin. But the seller has a picture next to a Falcon, so close enough right? This car improves on the original design a bit by adding a bit of lift to the chassis of the Javelin. Washington isn’t quite as flat as the outback, so that was probably a good choice. If you squint, the side-exist quad exhaust and ram air hood scoop make this example a good Walmart version of the movie car. The original movie car was up for sale recently and likely cost a bit more than $13,000, so maybe beggars can’t be choosers? More on that later.

AMC Javelin engine and interior

Under the hood, power comes from a 304 ci AMC V8 sent through an upgraded AMC Torque Command. You wouldn’t want to go too fast with all that fuel right behind your head anyway. You know, unless you’re hell bent on filming a fiery scene from the movie.

The interior looks nice but sparse – like any custom job. Those leather seats look downright comfortable when you’ve finished sneaking out of a fuel reserve camp. The steering wheel is also right in your face to remind you you’re driving.

But we have to talk about the price. Is $13,000 too much for this project considering it’s not the right car, or is it a small price to pay for someone’s pride and joy? It would be hard to convince me this AMC Javelin for sale on Craigslist isn’t amazing and almost priceless. If you do buy this car please recreate the seller’s portraits and send them our way. If this AMC isn’t doing it for you, be sure to check out these recent finds.

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