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October 1, 1908 – The first Model T leaves the assembly line

An automobile revolution began on this day in 1908 when the first Ford Model T left Ford’s Piquette Plant in Detroit, Michigan.

Model T assembly line in 1913

The Ford Model T was an instant success. It’s affordability and rugged dependability resulted in a car fit for the masses. Between 1908 and 1927 Ford built more than 15 million Model T in one form or another. It was the longest production run of any car until the Volkswagen Beetle beat the record in 1972.

Model T factory in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Ford Model T became a global vehicles within years of starting production. Aside from being produced in numerous locations around the US, Model Ts were assembled in countries including Canada, England, Germany, Argentina, France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, and Japan.

Cover: 1910 Model T

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