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August 30, 1980 – “On the Road Again” hits the charts
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August 30, 1980 – “On the Road Again” hits the charts

On this day in 1980, Willie Nelson’s hit song “On the Road Again” entered the Billboard 100 charts at #78. Nelson wrote the tune on an airplane barf bag after co-passengers director Jerry Schatzberg and executive producer Sydney Pollack asked him to write a song for their upcoming film Honeysuckle Rose. Nelson would star in the film, which followed an aging country star who had yet to achieve the fame he dreamed of. Top: Willie Nelson in 2007. By Auld Rasmie - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 In the movie, the character spent much of his time on the road playing small venues all across the country. When the producer asked Nelson to create a song, Nelson asked what he wanted it to be about. The producer responded “Can it be something about bein...

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