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Waco shootout!

Gunfire erupted in Waco, Texas on this day in 2015 when a fight broke out between multiple motorcycle clubs (MC) at a Twin Peaks Restaurant. The incident allegedly started when one person had their foot ran over in the parking lot. According to reports the gangs involved included the Bandidos and Cossacks, as well as allies of both. The MCs had gathered at the restaurant for a regularly scheduled meeting regarding biker rights. Police, including a SWAT team had gathered outside to monitor the situation. Once the fight broke up and gunfire erupted police returned fire, saying they were being shot at by bikers during the fight. In the end nine bikers were dead and 18 others were injured. There was much controversy surrounding the outcome of the event as many witnesses suggested that a majority of the gunfire came from police, yet it was found only four of the deceased were shot by bullets from police guns. In the end 106 people were charged with felonies for their actions during the fight.
Photo by Jerry Larson.


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