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Dusty & Rusty – 1968 Buick Wildcat – $5,500

Full-size luxury was in full swing by the end of the 1960s, as represented by this 1968 Buick Wildcat custom for sale on Craigslist near Atlanta. The Wildcat first hit the Buick lineup as a submodel of the Invicta. The next year it earned its own spot and remained in production through 1970. Our feature car has a running 430 cubic inch V8 that when new would have 360 hp that could power the car to a top speed of 132 mph. This one, well, it needs a bit of work before it does any sort of cruising, but it does move under its own power. Let’s take a closer look.

Buick Wildcat 430 V8

Here’s that rumbling Buick V8. The seller states it has less than 200 miles on a recent rebuild, but it isn’t quite ready for the road. New exhaust is the primary cause for concern, according to the ad. They make no mention of the condition of the brakes, transmission or other systems, unfortunately. They also fail to mention the engine, though as nice as this one looks, was rated at a whopping 12 miles per gallon. Good enough for me.

The interior has a few hiccups but looks like it will clean up nice. As the owner puts it, this has a whole “bench” of love. I dig the term, now scoot on over and let’s cuddle while we cruise. Cuddle while we cruise? I’m smelling a new country single.

buick interior

The body does need some rust repair, and we’re not just talking about the P word. There’s some serious rot in various locations looking at the photos. If you’re handy with a welder, perhaps its no more than a weekend’s worth of work? I honestly have no idea, I got a C in welding class way back when and haven’t touched once since.

buick wildcat rear

I love the sleek look of this 1968 Buick Wildcat. Grab a case of brewskies, some tools and your buds and chances are you could be cruising with minimal effort, once you sober up of course. Don’t drink and drive! At $5,500, this Wildcat is ready to roar into my garage, what about yours?

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