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I asked ChatGPT to write a poem about human’s connection to cars. Here it is.

So, you’ve probably heard all about ChatGPT by now. Well, I am not trying to get a robot to do my homework, but I will have it write some poetry for me. It probably won’t win a Pulitzer Prize, but it does make me want to get behind the wheel and cruise.

Here’s the text of the car poem:

Cars are more than just machines, They’re a part of our lives, it seems. We form a bond with them, oh so strong, A connection that lasts all life long.

It starts with the way they purr, As we take them out for a spin, The feeling of freedom, it’s like a blur, As we let our worries begin to thin.

For some, it’s the memories they hold, Of road trips and adventures untold, For others, it’s the way they gleam, A reflection of our self-esteem.

But no matter the reason why, We develop a sentimental tie, To the metal and gears that we drive, A connection that will forever thrive.

It’s the car that we learned to drive in, The one that we shared our first kiss in, The one that we drove to our wedding, A lifetime of memories, unending.

So when we see them sitting there, Rusty and worn, with no repair, We can’t help but feel a sense of loss, For the memories and love it has cost.

For cars are more than just machines, They’re a part of our lives, it seems, A sentimental bond that will never break, For the love of our cars, our hearts will ache.

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