Top 5 Craigslist Cars (Week of March 20, 2023) Cheap Corvette Edition

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Let’s face it, we all want to find that iconic car listed for dirt cheap on Craigslist or wherever else, but the hunt is tough, it’s long and it’s often fruitless. I’m here to tell you that the chances of finding that super sweet deal are slim, but not impossible. That said, a relatively cheap Corvette for sale is not hard to come by. While these deals aren’t going to make anyone run to the bank waving their arms in the way, but they may stir some thoughts. Like, “Oh, dang, I can drive that for under $10,000?” Heck yes!

The beauty of Corvettes is that they are affordable four-wheel fun. While there are some big dollar ones, many Corvettes are somewhat affordable, even in running and driving condition. Let’s take a look at a few Craigslist Corvettes, all of which are equipped with a manual transmission and won’t cost you more than $10,500 (dang dealer had to tack that extra 500 on to the price tag, but you can probably talk ’em down). Watch the video and find the links below.

C3 Corvettes for Sale

1969 Corvette for sale: This is the biggest project Corvette on our list, but the engine does run. Don’t expect to drive this C3 Corvette home though. It’s located in Long Island, NY and is listed for $9,500.

1976 Corvette for sale: Located outside of San Francisco, this silver bullet is road ready, but certainly not show ready. Bring it home for $9,500.

1979 Chevy Corvette for sale: The cheapest Corvette on our list is this one and could be years for just under $8,000. It’s a good deal on a cheap manual C3 that needs little work. You just have to go to Iowa to get it.

C4 Corvette for Sale

cheap corvette for sale

1987 Corvette for sale: If you’re feeling flashing, this C4 Corvette is the one to get. Bright yellow and zero percent mellow. It’s ready to rip, so head on down to Kansas City and drive it home for $8,500.

C5 Corvette for Sale

1998 Corvette for sale: Coming in at $10,500, this C5 Corvette tops the list in terms of price and gears, with six of them to row through. It’s not pristine, but it still has plenty of spunk left in it.

Which of these Corvettes tickles your tastebuds? Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel above for more classic cars for sale every week!

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