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December 27, 1941 – The start of US tire rationing

The US federal Office of Price Administration began its first rationing program to support WWII efforts on this day in 1941, limiting the number of tires any automobile driver can own to five. The OPA was designed to stabilize prices and rents in order to prevent unwarranted increases. When the war began in December 1941 it shifted to limiting purchases of certain goods, including tires, cars, metal, typewriting, bicycles and other materials and food. After the war ended on both fronts rationing in the US continued through 1945, with tire rationing ending on December 31 of that year. Williams County, North Dakota. H.R. Lampan, chairman of the tire rationing board, Vachon, John, 1914-1975, photographer.                 Washington D.C. Congested parking downtown after both tire and gas rationing had been put into force, Collier, John, 1913-1992, photographer.

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