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December 25, 1985 – Electric distance record

It was no ordinary Christmas drive for David Turner and Tim Pickhard when they made a journey of approximately 847 miles from  Lands End in England to John O’Groats in Scotland on this day in 1985. For on this trip they set the distance record for an electric vehicle on a single charge. They drove a battery powered Rover Leyland Sherpa powered by a Lucas electric motor during the four day trip. The current record is held by Swedes Nic Megert and Anton Julmy who took a 22,339.7 km (13881.2 miles) trip around Europe that lasted from July 29, 2016 to August 28, 2016. Leland Sherpa, perhaps similar to the one converted to electric. By Charles01 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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